15 useful and cheap travel accessories

Travel Accessories

Sometimes a small accessory can be very useful on our trip. From photo accessories, power adapters, liquid containers, triple USB plugs, etc., you don’t have to spend a lot to get these simple and useful accessories.

Here is a list of some of these items, as well as the link on ebay where it can be purchased.

1- Powerbank

Powerbank travel

In this age, when smartphones are so indispensable when we are traveling, there’s nothing like having a powerbank so the battery won’t run out when we need it.

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2- Mobile Tripod

Mobile Tripod travel

Sometimes when traveling alone, a smarthphone tripod can be a great accessory so we don’t have to bother other people to take pictures of us.

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3- Water protection for smartphone

Water protection for smartphone travel

It is always good to have a protection to prevent water from damaging our phone. Very useful for beach destinations, travel and boat tours, etc.

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4- Triple USB plug

Triple USB plug travel

When we need to charge multiple USB devices or multiple mobile phones at the same time, when traveling in groups, this accessory is just perfect!

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5- Power Adapter

Power Adapter travel

There are several destinations where the sockets are different from our country. With an adapter for multiple types of sockets, this problem is always solved!

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6- Secret Bag and Document Holders

Secret Bag and Document Holders travel

For destinations that may be a little more insecure, nothing better than protecting the most important documents and Money out of sight, right next to us …

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7- 50ml Containers

50ml Liquid Containers travel

Remember that airport control has a limit on liquids. With this kitt you can easily divide your liquids into the various containers and take up little luggage space.

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8- Blindfold

Travel Blindfold

So that you can rest on the plane or in accommodations where there is a lot of light in the morning, this blindfold is essential.

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9- Earplugs

Travel Earplugs

So that the noise doesn’t stop you from falling asleep, these noise-reduction earplugs are great.

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10- Cable Organizer and Chargers

Cable Organizer and Chargers travel

Nothing worse than putting the wrapped cables and chargers in the suitcase. This simple organizer allows you to organize cables and chargers and find them easily.

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11-Mini Perfume Vaporizer

Mini Perfume Vaporizer travel

Typically, perfume bottles exceed the permitted liquid limit at the airport control. This mini-vaporizer allows us to carry just what we need to use while traveling, taking up little luggage space.

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12- Suitcase scale

Suitcase scale travel

To make sure your luggage does not exceed the weight limit allowed by the airline, this luggage scale allows you to weigh in at home before leaving to the airport.

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13-  Hanger bag for Hygiene products 

Hanger bag for Hygiene products  travelNothing better that, when arriving at the accommodation, having the hygiene products well organized. Through this bag hanger, it can be easily hung and used in the toilet. Simple and practical!

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14 -Compression Packing Travel Luggage Organizers

Compression Packing Travel Luggage Organizers

The packing cubes expand to more than triple their size so you can easily pack and reach your clothes. Durable double zipper compression system will help you compress your clothing together, keeping your luggage organized and staying wrinkle free while saving up to 50% space without adding extra weight

Also, a divider between compartments design helps keep clean and smelly clothes and shoes separated. The built-in waterproof bag can be used for wet things such as toiletries, mesh pocket for more storing space.

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15 – Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

A Travel Pillow is very useful when you need to rest in a airplane, car or Bus long trip. Sweet Travel Dreams! 🙂

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