3 Super Tips for Super Cheap Flights (for Iphone)

Cheap Flights

1- Use the Skyscanner App.

This application is a great tool for finding cheap flights by searching and comparing many airlines.


  1. Download the Skyscanner application and register with the application. Open the app.
  2. Click on “Flights”;
  3. Set the place of departure and arrival, the departure day and the return day;
  4. Click “sort” and choose price (so cheap flights appear first);
  5. Click “Filter” if we want to choose various options such as whether the flight is direct or with stopovers, duration, times, airlines, airports, etc.;
  6. Search Results Appear;
  7. Click on the departure date as if you are going change the date;

The calendar appears with the days next to the ones chosen for the trip, with some colored balls, which can be green, yellow or red.

This is very useful for finding the cheapest flight days, as the green days correspond to the cheapest days, the intermediate days to yellow and the more expensive days to red. Try changing some of your flight dates (round trip) to a green ball day, and the flight could be much cheaper.

2- Use the “Fare Finder” in Ryanair application

We already know that Ryanair is one of the most competitively priced companies. But how to find those super super cheap flights between 7 and 30 euros? Here’s the trick:


  1. Download the RyanAir app and register in the app. Open app;
  2. Click below on the left side in “…”;
  3. Choose “try something new”;
  4. Click on the left upper side on the 3 white stripes;
  5. Choose “Explore”;
  6. Choose “Fare Finder”;
  7. Choose the departure Location, which destination you want (I suggest to put “any place or anywhere) and the maximum amount you want to spend on the flight (one way);
  8. The cheapest destinations are ordered first.
  9. Click on the desired flight and see which day this cheap flight is. If you can go that day, now you just have to do the same to find a cheap flight back: start from point 3 and do the same to point 8. But on point 7, you already have to choose the place to where you chosed to fly and the place of arrival is the airport of your country.

3-Use the “Inspire me” on EasyJet App.


  1. Download the EasyJet application and register with the application. Open the app;
  2. In the upper images that are passing over, when the image “Inspire Me” is on, click on the image;
  3. Choose the place of departure, the date, the maximum you want to spend, and the type of trip you want to make. Click below on “view map”.
  4. Choose which destination you want and see the day when this cheap flight comes in. If there are any flights that you like, then follow the same steps (2 and 3) to see if there are any good return flights from your chosen destination (but in point 3 you will need to place as departure the place you have chosen to fly and the place of arrival is the airport of your country.

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