10 things you can´t miss in Chefchaouen

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

Chefchaouen, the Blue city, has its name originated from the word “ech-Chaoua”, which in the local Berber language means “the horns”. This is because the city is located in the region of the Rif mountains, between the Tisouka and Megou peaks, that rise behind the city.

Chefchaouen is considered a sacred city, founded in 1415 in order to combat the Portuguese and Spanish conquests.

This city is mainly known by the blue color of practically all its houses. There are some theories about this color of  houses and buildings in this city. One is that blue color refers to the color of the sacred objects in the Old Testament, thus serving as a reminder of God’s power over the Jews. The second is that the blue color symbolizes the paradise itself. There is also a third theory that blue has been used to fend off mosquitoes.

1-Use the colorful hats of local farmers

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

These colorful hats, used by the farmers of Chefchaouen, are one of the main symbols of this city. Many tourists buy these hats or their miniatures, but the fact that they wear them while walking through the medina, is much appreciated by locals.

2 – Visit Hamman Square

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

This is the main square of the medina of Chefchaouen and it´s from here that several small streets take you to the main points of interest. It is an area with many restaurants and craft shops  and  a great place to have lunch, relax and have a good Moroccan tea.

3-Visit the Kasbah

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

The Kasbah is a restored fortified fortress that contains a beautiful garden, a small ethnographic museum and an art gallery that promotes the work of local artists. The ethnographic museum contains some fascinating views of the old Chefchaouen, including the square and the Kasbah; It is worth to appreciate the view from the Kasbah tower over the medina.

4- Watch the sunset at Jemma Bouzafar Mosque (Spanish Mosque)

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

The Spanish Mosque is located a little further away from the medina, about 2 km from the historic center of the city. Occupying a privileged position, its located on top of a hill from which we have breathtaking views over Chefchaouen. It is one of the best places to see the sunset as it sets behind the blue city.

5-Visit Ras el-Ma

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan
Photo by: http://riadzany.blogspot.com/2014/08/moroccans-on-holiday-head-for-hills.html

 Ras el-Ma is a point on the outskirts of the medina where the waters of the river turn into a series of small waterfalls. It is a very popular area among the locals, who come here to enjoy moments of social pleasure¸ especially pleasant on hot summer days. It is also here that people come to collect water for domestic consumption and where women Handwash their clothes.

6- Go through Hassan 1 Street and the small blue alleys

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

It is the main street of the medina of Chefchaouen, where we can find several shops and the famous little blue alleys of Chefchaouen,  photographed by tourists from all over the world.

7- Swim in Cascades d’Akchour

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

To dive in these waterfalls, it is necessary to walk a path of approximately 30 minutes by car until the beginning of the trail of 2h30min walk until the cataract.

A fantastic natural scenary appreciated especially by nature lovers.

8- Visit the Great Mosque

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

 The Grand Mosque stands on the hilltop of the historic center of Chefchaouen. It dates mainly from the fifteenth century, built by the founder of the city, and it is famous for its octagonal minaret, a unique format in the world.

Only Muslims can visit the interior of the Mosque.

9- Taste the excellent cuisine of Chefchaouen

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

Here we find a varied range of beautiful, cozy and original restaurants, where we can try the  typical specialties of Moroccan cuisine, from kefta to all kinds of tajine and couscous.

10- Shopping in Chefchaouen Souk

Marrocos, Marruecos, Marocco, Chefchaouen, Chechuan

The colorful Souk of Chefchaouen also justifies the trip. Wood, wool and leather handicrafts, and colorful farmers’ hats are extremely popular.

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