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Kyoto Japan
Kyoto Japan

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun …

In this land of contrasts, we find a perfect harmony between ancient traditions and the modern world. We feel as if we can travel in time between the past and the future … in the same place!

Next to a futuristic architecture we can find traditional wooden temples … Beside the pulsating and crazy center of the city, we find relaxing and stunning natural landscapes …
The amazing capital Tokyo, the beautiful temples of Kyoto, the fantastic Mount Fuji, the cherry blossoms trees in Okinawa or Hokkaido, the wonderful cuisine, cities like Osaka, Sapporo, Nara, Hiroshima and Nagasaky, there are many reasons to visit Japan .

The culture of respect, education, discipline and exemplary organization make the visit to this country a unique experience.



Official language 

Japanese. Although English is included in the education system, it is not always easy, especially outside the most touristy places, to easily communicate in other language besides Japanese. It is recommended to learn some basic Japanese vocabulary.


  • Official Currency –  Yen (JPY) 
  • Credit and ATM cards – Beside the banks, there are ATMs in the post offices and convenience stores.
    With a debit or credit card (foreign), the easiest place to raise money is at the Seven & Holdings convenience stores – Seven Eleven Convenience Store.
    ATM machines are frequent, but most of them will not accept foreign cards. In major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, and at major airports, ATMs work with foreign cards.


Japan generally has a moderate weather, with quite distinct seasons. June is the rainy month in Japan, with heat and humidity. Between July and September, Central and Southern Japan are sometimes affected by typhoons.
The best times to visit the country are spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November). In spring comes the famous sakura – the period in which the cherry trees begin to flower, which remain for only a week. Autumn is also a good time for its mild temperatures and the fantastic color palette that bathes the country.

It is also important to check of festivities calendar, where prices increase, and transport/accommodation become very difficult:
– Golden Week, which runs at the end of April and beginning of May (April 29 to May 5 and adjacent weekends)
-Festival O-Bon (the festival of the Deaths) that takes place in mid-August (the week centered on August 15)
– New year – Shōgatsu – (December 27 to January 4 and adjacent weekends) where it is almost all closed.


Citizens from 68 countries that come to Japan for tourist purposes, including Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and almost all European countries do not need a visa and will be granted short-term arrival.
You can check out these countries at


Visitors outside these 68 countries list should apply for a visa in advance.

Main Airports

Nagoya International Airport – NGO
Narita International Airport (Tokyo) – NRT
Kansai International Airport (Osaka) – KIX
Haneda (Tokyo) airport – HND


GMT +9

Telecommunications and Internet

  • Country Code Phone Number  +81
  • Internet – Internet Wifi is very easy to find in major cities in Japan, at airports, hotels and hostiles, etc. However, in case of planning to visit more remote areas, it is recommended to hire a personal Hotspot or a Pocket Wifi, in the kiosks located in the main airports.


The main religions in Japan are Shinto and Buddism.


The health system is very good. There are no record of specific Japanese pathologies or human contamination by viruses with pandemic potential.
No specific vaccines are required to enter Japan.

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