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City-nation, Singapore is one of the most modern, clean and organized cities in the world. In its history, it was already part of the British Empire, later, to the Empire of Japan during the second World War, returning later to the British dominion. In 1963 was declared his total independence.
Today´s Singapore, with his characteristic cultural variety, is becoming one of the most wanted travel destinations in the world.
With one of the best public transportation systems in the world, it´s very easy and fast to travel within the city. The gastronomy is great, very varied and for all types of wallet.
Despite being a nation characterized by imposing and majestic buildings, Singapore increasingly begins to be covered in green and its inhabitants wish that the Singapore can be known in the future as the “City in a Garden”.



Official language

Four Languages have the status of official language:



 Official Currency – Singapore Dollar (SGD)

• Credit and ATM cards – ATMs are located everywhere (shopping malls, subway stations, etc.) and mainly accept cards from Visa and MasterCard networks. Credit cards are practically always accepted in ATMs, as well as in commercial establishments and tourist attractions.


Singapore’s climate is a hot, humid tropical climate with daily torrential rains in the rainy season.
The wettest months are between November and January and the driest season between May and July, being this last season the best time to visit Singapore.
The temperature is always practically above 20 degrees, easily surpassing 30 degrees during the day.


In the vast majority of countries, citizens wishing to travel to Singapore receive a tourist visa issued upon arrival at the airport. Visitors must be holders of a passport with a minimum period of validity at least 6 months upon entry into the country.

Main Airports Changi Airport (SIN)


GMT +8

Telecommunications and Internet

 • Country Code Phone Number +65

• Internet –  Starbucks, McDonalds and many places in Singapore have free WiFi. It´s  possible to sign-up for a FREE Wireless@SG account and you can login whenever you are at one of the many locations that have free WiFi under Wireless@SG.


 Singapore is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. The Constitution allows religious freedom, and the main religions are Buddhism (prominent religion), Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Taoism.


Hygiene in Singapore is very strict and tap water is good for drinking.
In addition to the normal vaccines, which should be up-to-date, you only need vaccines if you come from a yellow fever area. However, hepatitis A occurs occasionally and although Singapore is not a malaria zone dengue fever is a growing concern and there have been cases of reported zika.
As such, it is suggested to adopt measures of prevention of bites by the usual means, such as the use of clothes that protect the body and the application of insect repellents.

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