11 Places you must visit in Cambodia

Angkor, Cambodia
Angkor, Cambodia


Capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 14th century, Angkor is one of the most fantastic archaeological treasures in South-East Asia (Image on the top of the post).

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the Angkor area were found ruins of over a thousand temples, scattered over farmland and rice fields.
The most famous temples are the spectacular temple of Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world, where hundreds of tourists go daily to see the magical Sunrise; the temple of Bayon with the huge faces of carved stone, the temple of Ta Prohm, a ruin of a Buddhist temple entwined with imposing trees that surround the temple inside and out and the temple of Angkor Thom, one of the places where Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider movies were filmed .

2- Kep

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Kep was a colonial retreat founded for the French elite in 1908 and still has some ruins of ancient villages, destroyed by the Red Khmer regime.
It is a small seaside resort with rustic conditions (electricity only in a few hours a day) which offers varied activities such as diving and watching the corals, visit a butterfly reserve, enjoy the panoramic sea view  in Kep National Park, etc. .
The Rabbit Island is one of the most popular beaches near Kep.

3- Battambang

It was a commercial center in the 18th century and later became a french colonial territory. In this city there are still some buildings of that time.
It is the second most populous city in Cambodia and its main attractions are Angkor-style temples, Buddhist shrines and various statues of animals and gods (the most famous is a statue of a Khmer king).

4- Kampot

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Being one of the most famous tourist sites in Cambodia, Kampot is a picturesque riverside town with some french colonial structures.
In this city, among other activities, you can visit Bokor National Park with fantastic views and Kampot Kampong Trach caves, where you can take boat trips on the river and observe the waterfalls, in a fantastic scenary.

5- Kratie

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Kratie is a small town situated along the banks of the Mekong River which has become a major destination for travelers due to the observation tours of the rare Irrawaddy dolphins. This city is dominated by a central market surrounded by old French colonial buildings.

6- Sihanoukville

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It´s the most popular Cambodian beach resort in the Gulf of Thailand. Located in the south of Cambodia, this city offers both sandy and rocky beaches and in some of the islands it´s usual to practice snorkeling.

It is also a city known for being where the United States fought its last battle in the Vietnam War.
Don´t miss the wonderful island of Koh Rong Samloem which is a short ferry ride from Sihanoukville. Here, in addition to the fantastic white sand beaches you can find plenty of nightlife entertainment.

7- Siem Reap

Siem Reap Cambodia
Siem Reap Cambodia

This city is where most tourists stay when planning  to visit the temples of Angkor.
The Siem Reap River, rice paddies, vibrant night markets, silk farms, traditional craft shops, bird sanctuaries, fishing villages, boating on Lake Tonle Sap, the village of Wat Bo, Pub Street are some of the tourist attractions that make Siem Reap a city you can´t miss.
About 50km from Siem Reap you can also visit the fantastic Phnom Kulen National Park, situated on the most sacred mountain of Cambodia, where the Khmer Empire was founded.
Visit also the floating city of Chong Khneas, 30 minutes from the center of Siem Reap.

8- Phnom Penh

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Capital of Cambodia, this city is located at the junction of three major rivers – the Tonle Sap, the Mekong and the Bassac River.
The charm of Phonom Penh is largely due to the mix of french colonial houses, temples and palaces, which contrast with busy cafes and bars.

9-Preah Vihear

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Preah Vihear is a large province in the north of Cambodia. It is a difficult area to visit, due to poor roads and transport limitations.
This region is best known due to the Hindu Temple built in honor of the God Shiva, the mountain temple of Prasat Preah Vihear.
Here you can visit the archaeological complex of Koh Ker, the ancient capital of the Khmer empire, with numerous shrines and an amazing pyramid (Prasat Thom), 35 meters high rising above the surrounding jungle. Lost in the jungle for almost 1000 years, Koh Ker was one of the most remote and inaccessible destinations in Cambodia.

10- Mondulkiri

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Mondulkiri is a province in East Cambodia filled with natural beauty, with densely forested mountains, fantastic waterfalls (such as the Bou Sraa waterfall) and lush green hills on the west side.
Sen Monorom, the provincial capital, often compared to villages of the American Wild West, is the best base to stay for anyone who wants to explore the surrounding areas.

11- Ratanakiri

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The province of Ratanakiri offers wonderful opportunities for ecotourism in Cambodia. It is a sparsely populated province, known for its unique natural beauty and rich natural resources. The physical and environmental characteristics of the province form an impressive ensemble that includes rolling mountains, plateaus, river basins, crater lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Forest cover varies from area to area, from dense impenetrable forest in the north, which is still rich in wildlife, to the driest forest found in the southwest. Likewise, the types of soil vary from volcanic soil to sandy soil found near rivers.
If you are passionate about waterfalls, in this province there are 5 main ones that you can enjoy: Ka Chanh, Ka Tieng, Ka Chang, Cha Ong, Ou’Sean Lair, Ka Tieng.

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