Book Accomodation in 15 Simple Steps

At the beginning of my trip around the world I tried several smartphone applications to book  the accommodations.
I quickly came to the conclusion that the one that best suited my needs was, for several reasons:

• It is very easy to use, either on the smartphone or on the PC;
• It is very fast, in a few minutes I was able to easily search and book the accommodation;
• It is a secure application, both in terms of payments and the level of security of the accommodation itself;
• We can easily apply filters to quickly reach the type of accommodation we want;
• There is rarely a cancellation by the accommodation, which does not happen in several other applications;
• has accommodation anywhere in the world
• There is accommodation for all types of budgets, from the super-budget hostel to the 5-star Resort and Hotel for those who like to travel in luxury

Because all of these advantages, I have always used for the rest of my trip around  the World.

For those who have never used or have any doubts, I leave here 15 steps to quickly find the right accommodation for your trip:

1- Do the Bookings search directly from my Blog (Find the the Booking search box at the end of this Post). The more visitors do the research from this blog, but chances are I will offer you discount vouchers for accommodation. You can also do this from the Bookings website, or through the Smartphone application.

2- Enter the Destination or Name of the accommodation (if you already have the name of the hostel or Hotel where you want to stay);

3- Choose the Date of entry and Exit Date desired;

4- Indicate  how many persons you want the accommodation for;

5- Referral of intended accommodation for children or not;

6- Mention how many rooms you want;

7- Then, click on search and there are several accommodation options;

8- To really find the accommodation you want, then choose from the following filters (among others), the options that please you the most:
-Guest Rating
-Property Type
-Facilities of accommodation
-Cancellation Policy

9- You can also Set an Order in all the accommodations according to various criteria: price, accommodation score, etc. etc. In my case, I always ordered the l accommodation by price, from the lowest to the highest;

10- After clicking on the accommodation that you may be interested in, read in the detail, in the sellected accommodation:
-The Location;
-The comments from people who have already been there;
-The commodities;
-The Important Information provided by the accommodation.

11- If this is not the desired accommodation, go back in the search to analyze others;

12- If you have found your desired accommodation, click on select rooms and then choose the number of rooms you want;

13- Then click on Reserve;

14- Finally will appear the instructions of how to proceed with payment, which vary from accommodation to accommodation (some accommodation request payment of a reservation signal, others request immediate payment of the totality, others payment will be made on arrival at the accommodation) . In most cases, at the time of making the payment online, the credit card details are requested.

15- Enjoy the accommodation and in the end do not forget to make your comment on, for the next visitors know what you liked about your stay, and if necessary, what the accommodation needs to improve.

Good trip to all!

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