11 Top Rome attractions

1-Coliseum of Rome

Being one of the seven wonders of the modern World, you can not go to Rome without visiting the Colosseum. Once inside, imagine the Amphitheater with 50000 vibrating spectators, bloodthirsty from gladiatorial battles, animal fights and other bloody events.

2-Trevi Fountain

It is the most famous fountain in Rome, both for its beauty and details, and for the rituals to which it is associated. Of Baroque architecture, it is associated with two superstitions: in the first it is sayed that whoever throws a coin back to the source, will certainly return to Rome; in the second, the legend says that those in love who kill their thirst in the small fountain next to the Trevi Fountain (Fontana degli Innamorati), will be together forever.

3-Monument to Vitor Emanuel

It is a monument of Honor to Vitor Emanuel II, the 1st king of unified Italy, considered the father of the Italian Patria. Imposing, all built in white marble, it is 135 meters wide and 70 meters high.It is known by the Romans, in the form of  joke, as the “typewriter” or “wedding cake” because of its appearance.

4- The Vatican

Although situated in Rome, the Vatican is a sovereign independent City-State, home of the Catholic Church. With approximately 44 hectares and just over 800 inhabitants, it is the smallest territorial state in the world. The Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the S.Pedro Basilica are a must visit! Of course, go to Rome without seeing the Pope … “.

5-Roman Forum

Considered as the heart of Ancient Rome, it was for hundreds of years the center of Roman public life. Ruins of shrines, temples, altars, statues, visiting the Roman Forum is an authentic travel in time.

6- Pantheon

It is one of the world’s best preserved ancient monuments of Rome. With more than two thousand years of existence, it was built as a temple dedicated to all the Roman gods. It is famous for its giant dome, which allows the entrance of natural light and the 8 columns at the entrance of the monument. Inside are the tombs of the king Vittorio Emmanuele II and the famous painter Rafaello.


It is considered one of the seven hills of the city of Rome, and is situated near the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Circus Maximus. With about 70 meters of height, it comprises several ruins, among which the Stadium of Dominiano, where the sporting activities of the time took place.

8-Piaza Navona

Being one of the best places to enjoy the Baroque architecture in Rome, this is one of the most popular squares, both for tourists and residents.  Its elongated and rounded form at the end shows that this space was once the site of a Roman arena, where the romans attended artistic and sporting events.

9-Monte Capitolino

Also called the Capitol, it is one of the famous 7 hills of Rome, situated between the Roman Forum and the ancient Campo de Marte. In this square designed by Michelangelo are the Capitoline Museums, and on the corner between the Palazzo Senatorio and the Palazzo Nuvo is a replica of the Loba Capitolina sculpture that is part of the Legend of Romulus and Remus (the original sculpture is inside the Capitoline Museums).

10- Square of Spain

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It is one of the most famous squares of Rome, mainly due to its monumental staircase with 135 steps, which leads to the Trinità dei Monti Church.In the center of the square is the Fontana della Barcaccia, a fountain in the form of boat, of baroque architecture.

11- Castle of St. Angelo

Also known as Hadrian’s Mausoleum, this Castle is currently a museum, situated near the Vatican. The Castle whas named after Pope Gregory I claimed to have seen an angel at the top of the castle in the year of 590, when Rome was suffering from an epidemic that killed hundreds. The Pope said that the angel had appeared to cease the epidemic and then a huge statue was built in honor of the archangel at the top of the building.

Today, the castle became known around the world because of Dan Brown’s book “Angels and Demons”, hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In front of this castle is located the Bridge of St. Angelo, on the Tiber River, adorned by twelve statues of angels.

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