Top 7 things to do in East Timor

1-Spend a day in the Jaco Island

Unmissable! You can not go to East Timor without going to the Jaco Island. An uninhabited, paradisiacal island right on the eastern top of Timor-Leste. The road over there is very difficult, just for adventurers. You will find comfortable alternatives to go by boat to this island, but it is a much more expensive option.

2- Enjoy the beaches of Dili

The beaches of Dili are fantastic places to relax, enjoy the amazing sunset of Timor, drink coconut water and swim in the warm waters.

3- Climb to the Christ King of Dili

It is a relatively easy climb, all in steps and at the top you can enjoy the fantastic view on both sides of the coast and still enjoy the fantastic sunset.

4- Visit the Atauro Island

Through the public ferry (Nacroma), it is possible to visit at low cost the Atauro Island. Here you can snorkel / dive and spend the night and relax in the houses by the sea.

5-Visit Baucau

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Baucau is the second largest city in Timor-Leste, located 122km from the capital (Dili). The main points to visit are the Municipal Market, the Hotel Pousada, the “Watabo’o Beach and Fatuk Boot”. At 30km from Baucau, it’s located the Venilale Village where you can visit the “Nature Bridge”, the thermal waters (Beasas Uaicana), the “Japanese Caves” (Fatuk Kuak Hitu) and the Ariana Mountain (Foho Ariana).

6-Climb the highest mountain in Timor-Leste – Mount Ramelau (Foho Ramelau)

One of the best things to climb Mount Ramelau is the path to get there. The fantastic scenery of East Timor’s interior, the friendly, curious and welcoming locals, still not very used to tourists, make this difficult journey marvelous. Despite the difficult roads to Hatu Builico, the nearest town on the mountain, the reward is magnificent. After staying overnight in Hatu Builico, the climb takes on average between 2h30 minutes and 3h30 minutes, and most tourists try to arrive in time to see the sunrise on the mountain.

7-Visit the Dili Cemetery

It is mandatory to visit this emblematic site of East Timor’s history, where the bloody “Massacre of Dili” took place, which later provoked the independence of the country.

In this Cemetery, you can find the grave of the young local Sebastião Gomes, assassinated by the Indonesian troops during the occupation. This place is the most important of the Cemetery, because it was during a tribute of the population to this young man, in this grave, that took place the “Massacre of Dili”.

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