Quick Guide – Maldives


The Republic of Maldives, which in the Malabar language derives from the name Maldwipa (Thousand Islands), is composed of almost 1200 islands, and only about 200 are inhabited.

With unbelievable shades of blue, this country probably has the best beaches in the world. The underwater world is simply magical, being one of the most fantastic diving destinations on the planet.

Until recently was only possible to be visited through luxury resorts, but at this time it is possible to visit the Maldives through guesthouses, allowing a greater contact with the population and the local culture, at very attractive prices.

Hot waters, fantastic blues, marine life you’ve never seen… If there’s paradise on Earth, it’s in the Maldives.



Official language

The official language is Divehi. English is widely spoken in the Maldives, especially in tourist areas.


  • Official Currency – Rupee Maldivia (MVR);
  • Credit and ATM cards – in the largest tourist activities (Resorts), there are automatic payment terminals and allow use of credit card. The ATMs are located in the capital (Malé). It is convenient to get local money at the airport or in the capital, to make payments on other islands or to take dollars, which are also accepted.


Temperatures range from 24 to 33 degrees throughout the year. The Maldives have a humid tropical climate.

In terms of precipitation, the year is divided into two monsoons. The first from the northeast (december to march) is the driest. This is considered the best time to visit the Maldives (high season, higher prices). The second monsoon is southwest (from may to november), and is the wettest, with rain, thunderstorms and high winds. However, the climate of the Maldives is not extreme monsoon and it is unlikely that even at this time there will be non-stop rainy days. Maybe a few minutes of torrential rain in a day, or a few hours, but usually at most, two days without stopping.


The visa is acquired at the entrance to the country, at the airport, it is free and valid for 30 days. The tourist must have a exit ticket out of the country.

Main Airports

 Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Hulhulé Island, near Male Atoll)


GMT + 5


• Country Code Phone Number  +960

• Phone calls – Local SIM cards can be purchased in Malé or other inhabited islands, but not in resorts. There are two telephone operators in the Maldives: Dhiraagu and Ooredoo. Both providers offer good coverage, although given the country’s unique geography, there are still many unhedged areas in the atolls. You can buy a local SIM card for about $ 10 and use it on your own phone if it is unlocked.

• Internet – there is free Wi-Fi in hotels and guesthouses. However, in some resorts the internet is paid at somewhat high prices. Requires information from accommodation before traveling.


100% Muslim


No vaccines are required. Only the yellow fever vaccine will be required if you come from a destination where yellow fever is problematic.

It is important to follow all safety rules for snorkling / scuba diving.

It is advisable to drink only bottled water, drink plenty of water every day, because, due to the heat, you will need to replace the one you lose through perspiration.

You should also bring insect repellent.

It is recommended to take a disinfectant to use if accidentally you cut yourself on corals.

Most resorts have a resident doctor, or share one with another resort nearby. However, if you are seriously ill, you will need to go to Malé, or to the nearest atoll capital with a hospital, if you are in a distant resort.

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