Quick Guide – East Timor

Dili, East Timor
Dili, East Timor

Traveling in East Timor, the most recent country in Asia, is a real adventure. Climb the mountains with wonderful landscapes along the way, dive in untouched corals, get to know the bloody history of the country, explore the country by motorcycle in the crazy roads, watch fantastic sunsets on the beaches of Dili, contact the friendly, curious and welcoming East Timorese population, this country is a box of surprises.

Despite being in rapid development, East Timor is not yet fully prepared for tourism, especially with regard to roads. However, for those who are adventurous and enjoy to discover, this is the ideal country.



Official language

Portuguese and Tetum


  • Official Currency – US Dollar (USD);
  • Credit and ATM cards – There is a reduced number of ATM in Dili and Baucau. Whether in ATM machines or in restaurants, shops, hotels, etc., they mainly accept Visa Cards. Credit cards can be used at some of the major hotels and in few restaurants in the capital.


 The temperature ranges between 19 and 35 degrees. The dry season is between may and november (the best time to travel is between late april and july) and the rainy season usually between the months of december and april.


 Portuguese passport holders do not require a visa for staying 90 days.

Other nationalities – visa on arrival at Dili airport or sea port, $ 30 for 30 days. For arrivals by land border, most nationalities need an early visa.


Nicolau Lobato International Airport (Dili)


GMT + 8 (Summer) or +9 (Winter)


  • Country Code Phone Number +670
  • Telephone calls – Timor Telecom, Telkomsel and Telemor SIM cards can be used on unlocked phones. Good coverage in all major population centers;
  • Internet – Several hotels and hostels in Dili have free wi-fi access. With a local SIM card in your mobile phone, you can easily access the internet.


90% Catholic


  • It is recommended vaccination of typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis;
  • It is recommended to use insect repellent (particular attention to the transmission of malaria and dengue fever);
  • Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals are easily purchased in Dili, but are difficult to find in other places;
  • It is recommended to drink only bottled water.

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