9 things you have to do in Myanmar

1-See the Sunset in Mandalay Hill

One of the most fantastic sunsets in Myanmar, can´t miss.

2- Cross the bridge in U-Bein

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With 1.2Km in length and over 150 years, it is the largest and oldest wooden bridge in the world. It is also a fantastic place to see the sunset.

3-Explore the temples and pagodas of Bagan by electric bike

Exploring by electric bike, at you own pace, the more than two thousand temples of Bagan, it´s  without doubt a unique adventure.

4-Take a balloon ride through Bagan

Photo by: : http://buffalotrip.com/myanmar/travel-writing-and-blogging/hot-air-balloon-trips-in-myanmar.html

The season of balloon rides in Bagan is possible between october and the end of march. Waiting lists are large and it is convenient to book in advance. Although it is a bit expensive (about 350 USD), it is described as one of the best experiences ever.

5-See the sunrise and sunset in a temple in Bagan

Both Sunrise and Sunset are magical moments in Bagan that can not be missed. It’s possible to climb into some of the temples to enjoy these moments that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the places where you can enjoy the sunrise:

  • Shwesandaw (Sunset Temple)
  • Ta Wet Phaya
  • Buledi Pagoda
  • Phya Tha Da Paya

 To enjoy the Sunset:

  • Shwesandaw (Sunset Temple)
  • Phya Tha Da Paya
  • North Guni Temple (Myauk Guni)
  • Ta Wet Phaya
  • Law Ka (Shaung Temple)
  • Buledi Pagoda
  • Temple 405

6- Take a boat tour of Inle Lake

Taking a boat tour in the second largest lake in the country, is one of the main attractions of Myanmar. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the lake, visit local markets and monasteries, lunch in the local restaurants in the middle of the lake, meet local homemade productions of silk, wood, tobacco, silver, and especially observe the famous fishermen who paddle with their feet, are some of the main attractions that you can not miss on this tour.

7-Experience the national sport (Chinlone)

If you buy a ball of special wood in Myanmar, it is very easy to make friends! Chinlone is a game composed of 6 barefoot players who try to give the highest number of touches followed with their feet (fingers, sole, heel and side) or with their knees.

8-Visit in Yangon the most sacred pagoda in Myanmar: Shedagon Paya

Photo by:: http://vietravelasia.com/en/news/-shwedagon-paya–myanmar-228.html

It is a fantastic complex of temples covered with gold and precious stones, built on the hair of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) many centuries ago. With 100 meters high, it is the main Buddhist reference in Myanmar.

9-Make a spiritual retreat in Yangon

If you need to find spiritual peace, in Yangon you can find your way. There are several centers where you can make spiritual retreats. I strongly advise the one I attended, the Panditarama Shwe Taung Gong Sasana, where one can intensively practice Vipassana meditation. Without a doubt, an experience that can change your life …

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