7 things you can´t miss in Bolivia

1-Salar de Uyuni

Majestic, unique! The most popular place in Bolivia, a magical place where you can have fun and take some of the best and funniest photographs of your life; (image on the top of the post)

2- Laguna colorada

Red salty lagoon, full of flamingos and llamas. Located in the southwest of the Bolivian altiplano, within the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean fauna and near the border with Chile;

 3- Laguna Verde

 Green color lagoon, especially visible in the afternoon, also located in the southwest of the plateau of Bolivia, at the base of the volcano Licancabur, and near the border with Chile.(Normally, you can do Salar de Uyuni, Lagoa Colorada, Lagoa Verde, among other attractions of the Bolivian altiplano, in a desert safari, everything in the same package and overnight stay in the desert. This Safari can easily be negotiated in Uyuni);

 4- Sucre

 Known as the “White City of the Americas,” it is especially famous for its churches and the possibility to climb to its rooftops and see the sights of the city;

 5- Copacabana

On the shores of Lake Titicaca, stands the beautiful city of Copacabana, whose main attractions are the Ojo del Inca, the lakeside bars and Cerro Calvário;

6- Island Of The Sun

From Copacabana, boats leave for Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon. The Island of the Sun is the most visited and attractive, where you can find, besides wonderful landscapes, vestiges of the Inca civilization, including the famous table of sacrifices;

 7-La Paz

 La Paz is one of the main cities of Bolivia, with several attractions: visit the Valle de la Luna, walk through the cable car city and see the city from the top of the belvederes, go down the road of death by bike, shop in the witch market, climb the Illimani, the second highest mountain in Bolivia, among many other activities.

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