11 documents you may need on your trip

11 documents you may need on your trip
11 documents you may need on your trip

Documentation is probably one of the most important factors to consider when planning a trip. Without proper documentation, you may not even get in the plane. To avoid this, consider the general list of documents, if you are planning to travel. (However, I would advise a more specific search, in relation to your country of residence, and your destinations. Each case is a case).

Free advice: Take photos of all your documents, save it in a pen, icloud, dropbox, or any other place. In case you lose all your documents (which is not difficult on travel), it will be easier to solve the problem.

1-Identity Card

It is important to check the expiry date of your identity card before traveling.


Attention! Passports must be valid for more than 6 months when traveling. Some customs and airlines do not accept entry with less passport validity! Check this, to avoid problems

3-Driving License

If you plan to drive at your destination, you have to pay attention to some details. If you are European, your driving license is valid for the countries of the European Union.  If you are traveling to other continents, you need an international driving license, so you do not have problems with the authorities. And be careful, if you want to drive a motorcycle, check if it is mentioned in the international driving license.


It is very important to check if, according to your nationality, you need a visa to enter the destination you want. In most countries, a visa is issued upon arrival at the airport, simply by completing na Arrival Form. However, there are some countries whose access is more complicated, it is necessary to make an application for an online visa, or to go to the consulate. Note that sometimes this process can take more than a month in some cases.

5-Vaccine Bulletin and Certificate of International Vaccination

Especially if you come from some potentially dangerous destination in some kind of epidemics, or if you are in a country on alert due to contagion, these documents may be required by Customs.

6-Travel Insurance Certificate

Some countries require health insurance or what we know as travel insurance. Once again, before traveling, one must check if the country of destination requires it.

7-European Health Insurance Card

It enables citizens of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland to benefit from medical care during temporary stays in these countries. This document allows the citizen to be reimbursed in his country of origin for the costs of the health services received in one of these 32 States.

8-Ticket out of country 

Several countries require proof of exit from the country. It can be a return ticket by plane or another transport. Make sure if your country of destination requires it and, if it´s  the case,  print the document.

9-Proof of accommodation in the country

Also in this regard, some countries (such as China) require a proof of reservation of accommodation during your stay. Even if you have to cancel it later, please take the printed documents.

10-Letter Invitation

If you are staying at the home of a citizen of another nationality who resides legally in your destination, in countries requiring proof of accommodation, you must have an invitation letter. Ask your hostess to check if there is a need to register the invitation letter in his country. There are numerous invitation letter templates on the internet and it is recommended an English version and a version in the destination language.

11- Financial evidence

In some countries, in Customs, a financial proof is requested , proving that you have the financial conditions to survive in the country during your stay. You can prove it by the extract from your bank account, extract from your prepaid travel card, or an extract that proves the limit available on the credit card. Take the printed document preferably.

Note – Although some documents are usually requested at the customs of a particular country, sometimes they are not requested. Just provide the customs agent the documents requested.

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